A mobile keyboard that rises above the cloud

It’s not common to think of a keyboard as a tool that adds a great deal of value to the process of creating content. After all, it’s primary use is to produce a sentence with appropriate punctuation, right?

Any added functionality to this point has primarily focused on predictive technology to complete words or sentences. In so doing it tries to make the single function of sentence production easy. Of course in reality we all know the pitfalls of predictive technology “damn autocorrect!” in the errant posts we send without proofing, but developers of mobile keyboard apps like Swiftkey and Swype have made significant progress.

I am a writer; a blogger.

I market my BE DiFFERENT or be dead content constantly through a variety of social media channels. What is critical to me is simplicity and ease of use when it comes to creating and sharing to social media; for me Twitter and LinkedIn primarily.

This translates into productivity; I need to get more accomplished when on the go with less time and energy.

I recently discovered a unique mobile tool that enables me to create posts fast and easy.
That tool is the AIR Social Keyboard, the ONLY social media keyboard for iPhone that possesses the functionality it provides.

It has no comparators; it is distinct.

It stands out from Apple’s native keyboard and third party keyboards alike.

It’s benefits are unmatched.

The challenges I face as a content creator and marketer are not restricted to me; literally everyone else in the content marketing game covets ease of use, speed, and of course quality.
These 4 actions AIR handles while the rest of the keyboard herd merely looks on.

  1. You can store all of your tweets complete with #hashtags and @handles in AIR’s Content Manager and retrieve any one of them with merely a tap. You can create groups of contacts or hashtags, retrieve, and then use them with a tap.

  2. Using AIR’s Image Editor, you can create and edit professional-looking photos, complete with message overlays and YOUR unique branding AND copyright, all from within the once lowly keyboard. I’m not a big Instagram user but for photographers and artists alike, what a great way to protect, beautify and brand your content, right?

  3. For me, the best feature is AIR Memo. It enables content creators to beat Twitter’s 140 character limit! Simply type your message (or add it from your saved Tweets in AIR’s Content Manager), tap AIR Memo and your message is automatically converted to an image and saved to your camera roll. Really?

  4. Lastly, on other keyboards I have to go through up to 3 layers to get to the symbol I want. If I want the #hashtag, for example I have to dive to level 3 on the Apple board to retrieve it. On AIR the most commonly used symbols are all on the first layer with the alphabet; at most they are only one layer away. Brilliant! Saves tons of time.


A successful product does two things exceedingly well: first it addresses a customer need in a compelling way, and, second, it is the only one that does it the way it does.

AIR is such an example.

Try it.

Originally posted on BE DiFFERENT or be dead.