AIR Social Keyboard Now Available in the App Store

AIR for iPhone and iPad is the world’s first social media keyboard. The AIR app connects to your social networks and address book giving you immediate access to all your content, contacts and friends. It makes content creation fast, friendly, and fun!

Create Content Faster, Smarter

Connect the AIR Social Keyboard to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and your Address Book for a smarter and faster content creation experience.

Break 140

Expand tweets and break “140” with an AIR Memo. With a single tap, AIR converts any tweet or message into a beautifully formatted image, ready for sharing.

Reuse Existing Content in a Tap

Create, store and share favourite expressions, commonly used phases, or boilerplate content in AIR’s Content Manager. Review, edit and reuse previously posted content from any connected social network within any application.

Access Common Hashtags Quickly

Compose first, then tap-­to-­tag in AIR’s Text Editor. Access contacts, hashtags, groups, or frequently used content with a single tap.

Create Stunning Images

Create and share optimized images with AIR's Image Editor. Crop, letterbox and apply your message over photos with text to produce beautiful, engaging content without leaving the social network.

Customize your AIR Identity

Create a unique avatar and signature to brand your content. Create a custom watermark for all your images.

As seen on VentureBeat - read the full article here!

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