Create stunning images with AIR's Image Editor

Yes, the AIR Social Keyboard contains a full-blown image editor and it's one powerful beast. In simplest terms, the AIR Image Editor lets you take a message, add it to any image as an overlay, then beautify it.

It enables you to create and share cool images like this one (that's Whistler's Peak2Peak gondola in case you were wondering):

Accessing the Image Editor is easy. From any application start typing in your message. In this example I'm in email.

Once done, tap on the AIR logo.

From here, tap on the Image Editor icon. This brings up your camera roll where you select an image.

Magically, your message is added to the image. Just tap the text to edit.

Increase font size.

Change color.

Even add a shadow.

Now crop and zoom. Optimize for your image's final destination.

When you're done, tap to save the image to your camera roll and that's it.

AIR Design 101 complete!

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