Share your contact details FASTER with AIR Social Keyboard

Filling out forms while on your mobile phone is not easy. It's actually a pain in butt! Especially when you get to tapping in email addresses, phone numbers, and zip codes right?

Actually, tapping your contact information ANYWHERE is a chore, even if simply composing an email or text message.

Now you must be asking yourself ... how on earth will a social keyboard speed up the process of sharing my contact information in the mobile world?

It's pretty straight forward really.

Because AIR syncs with your address book it can make this content readily available to you at the tap of a key.

Here's how easy it is ...

Remember - you must have synched your address book for this to work.

Whenever you need to provide ANY of your contact information, simply swipe the bar down.

This gives you full and immediate access to your contact information and social handles where the keyboard once was.

Simple tap on what you need and it will magically appear wherever your cursor sits.

That's it.

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