Find and share previously created content FAST with AIR

The AIR Content Manager is great for storing frequently used content so that you can access and share it quickly when needed.

Here at AIR, we use the content manager to store special quotes, promotional tweets, our bios, our elevator pitch and even our tagline ... the things we frequently share through social media and especially email.

Did you know storing content in keyboard was even possible? It is with the AIR Social Keyboard.

Setting things up is easy:

In the AIR app itself, tap Content Manager.

Tap on the + sign in the top right corner.

Then, paste or type in your content.

That's it.

And remember, this content is now quickly accessible anytime through the keyboard to drop into an email, post, tweet, or text message. To do so, simply tap on the AIR logo and then the Content Manager icon to access your content!

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