How Ancient Greece Inspired AIR Social Keyboard

Sometimes, product designers and marketers find inspiration in the oddest places. Here at Bubbl Technology (creator of AIR Social Keyboard), we’re no different!

The Ancient Greeks

The Ancient Greeks believed in five basic elements proposed to explain and simplify the nature of all matter: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Aether. These ‘elements’ or ‘energies’, as some cultures recognized them, went on to influence philosophy, mythology, and even played a part in the Scientific Revolution of the 1600’s.

More importantly, these elements (Air in particular - also known as wind) went on to inspire the 1997 cult classic The Fifth Element … but I digress.

So what does any of this have to do with a 2016 social keyboard app for iPhone?

Well, the elements inspired not only our company name, but also the AIR brand and the mobile keyboard’s role in creating, connecting and communicating in the ubiquitous world of social media.


Air is the most powerful of the elements … it ties them all together. It’s all around us, above us, beyond the clouds. Air supports life and is seen on words as spirit, aspire and inspire (all inspired by the Latin spirare). It symbolizes human freedom and mobility. And due to the aerial body's connection to our nervous system, air is associated with information and communication; as an active principle, air is even associated with computing.

Now, all the great social platforms … Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn … have vastly different user experiences. We saw the mobile keyboard as a way to rise above these networks, to foster freedom and mobility, to enable a faster, smarter way to create, tag, mention and share content across any social network, right from the keyboard.

We also saw the mobile keyboard as a utility to inspire, giving people the ability to create, edit, brand, and protect stunning images (shameless plug for AIR Image Editor).

The AIR Logo

And the AIR Social Keyboard logo? Modified with meaning just for us.

Besides being memorable, we wanted to create a brand that not only symbolized the keyboard’s features but how to access these features as well. Now, we didn’t actually think users would dig (or care) enough to get this … but we thought it would be cool to do none-the-less.

Five Pillars of the AIR Social Keyboard:

  • Brand - At the foundation of AIR is your identity. Access all your synced contact and social information by swiping down.

  • Mention - Access your contacts and saved content to the left.

  • Emphasize - Access your hashtags to the right.

  • Create - Access the Tap Editor to create your content in the middle.

  • Communicate - Share your content with the world!

Bubbl Technology

And what's a bubble (or in our case Bubbl)? Maybe a thought or speech bubble? The means to float personalized or anonymous content (carried by air of course) anywhere or everywhere? More on this another time.

So remember this entrepreneurs, leaders, developers, brand ambassadors, and marketers ... you might find your next feature, product, or even company in the oddest of places. Maybe even ancient history!

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