How to install a third party keyboard like AIR

Once you've successfully installed the AIR app, follow these simply steps to add the keyboard to your device. Apple doesn't make installing third party apps easy but this should help ...

Open your iPhone Settings and scroll down to General.

Scroll down and tap to select Keyboard.

Then tap on Keyboards at the top of the list.

Tap Add New Keyboard

Select AIR from the third party keyboards section.

You will now see AIR added to the installed keyboard list. Shown here as Air English.

Select AIR and tap the toggle switch for Allow Full Access in the next dialogue box.

Please note -- you will encounter a scary sounding (but standard) alert from Apple when installing any third-party keyboard, warning that third-party keyboards may collect or log sensitive data such as passwords, credit card numbers or street addresses. We want you to know that the AIR Social Keyboard is designed not to store or transmit any such sensitive data. See our privacy policy for more details.

Now, open any application (email, Twitter, text, Facebook, etc.) that involves using a keyboard then tap (and hold) the Globe icon on your current keyboard until AIR appears. Tap it and you are good to go!

You are now ready to connect your social networks, manage content, update signatures and much more. You're now ready for faster, smarter content creation.

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