On the AIR with Bubbl Technology Co-Founder Troy Spracklin

Getting noticed in today's vociferous social media landscape is probably the biggest challenge faced by businesses, brands and marketers. So how can you rise above the noise?

Tune in to Bubbl Technology CEO and AIR Social Keyboard co-founder Troy Spracklin as he discusses this topic and others with Business in Vancouver radio hosts Tyler Orton and Romila Barryman.

Fast forward to the 36th minute for the social media discussion - click here to listen (note - listen to the entire show for some great insights into the crazy BC real estate market!)

Topics discussed:

  • How businesses can get noticed in social media

  • The mobile keyboard's role in content creation

  • How to use AIR Social Keyboard to break Twitter's 140 character limit

  • How enterprise businesses can improve their social reach and effectiveness right from their mobile keyboard

  • Scheduled versus real-time content creation for businesses

LISTEN NOW! 36th minute.

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