3 Tips to Safeguard Your Online Content

You're a content creator. A content marketer. You inspire people through the imagery you create and share with the world.

Being a photographer, artist, or graphic designer in the digital age presents a number of amazing opportunities along with a number of new concerns. While sharing your work has never been easier, the risk that someone may decide to lift your work is also increasing. Protecting your images on the web should be top of mind when sharing a potential winner. Here are three tips to help you out.

Register Your Work to Prove Authorship

Sites like myows and Safe Creative allow you to register images, photos, videos, and even code. They help protect your online copyright by generating contracts and licenses, searching for unauthorized usage, and even build cases against those who infringe upon your creation.


One of the most effective ways to protect your images is to overlay watermarks. While there are numerous watermarking services available, the best 'quick and clean' watermarking solution for when you are on the go is right in front of you ... in your mobile keyboard.

AIR Social Keyboard makes it easy to protect your copyright by creating and overlaying custom watermarks, in different formats, on the fly, using the AIR's Image Editor. It's literally as easy as point, shoot, edit, and share, fully protected.

Be on the lookout for copied images

While image lifting can never be 100% prevented, the next best thing is to know when it happens. Using reverse image search engines like Pixsy, Google Images, TinEye, or Yandex (to name a few) will help you search for copies of any image.

Remember, nothing will stop someone from lifting your work if they really want to so don't waste your time trying to lock things down like Fort Knox. It's better to take a few simple steps to discourage casual lifters by simply making it less convenient to do so.

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