Retweet your own Tweets faster with AIR Social Keyboard

The average Twitter user now has roughly 208 followers. If said person tweets, say, three or four times per day, that's upwards of 800 tweets running through your Twitter feed on any given day. Can you say input overload?

It's for this reason why retweeting one's own content has become so popular. It's a hedge that most of your followers missed out the first time ... or the second time ... or the third time ...

Did you know that after connecting AIR to Twitter, the keyboard stores your tweets giving you quick access to your previously posted content?

Did you know you can save tweets (any content really) right in your keyboard?

Did you know all this content is available to share in a tap or two?

Here's how ...

Once you're in Twitter, swype down the AIR logo. This brings up your contact details (built-in vCard) as well as AIR's Timeline and Content Manager.

Tap the Timeline icon bottom right. This is where AIR stores all the content you've been posting so diligently to Twitter.

You can also access all the content you've saved to the AIR Content Manager. Just tap on this image bottom left.

Whether it's from the content manager or your timeline, just tap the tweet you want to use and that's it - post away!

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