Should I give AIR Full Access during Install? YES, we're safe!

First and foremost, AIR Social Keyboard does NOT receive, store, or transmit ANY of your personal information EVER. This is clearly outlined in our Privacy Policy.

When you install AIR Social Keyboard, you will see a message asking you to Allow Full Access accompanied by a message stating that the app developer (us) can access your sensitive information.

This is a standard Apple message that appears when adding any third party keyboard. What's going on here is Apple both covering its ass on the security front and ensuring that you are fully aware of privacy issues.

Second, even if you do have AIR, or any third party keyboard installed (and set as your default) your iPhone or iPad will automatically switch back to Apple's native keyboard when you are entering information into a designated password or credit card field.

So, why does AIR ask you to allow full access?

AIR, as you know, is a social media keyboard designed to help you create, edit, store, and share stunning content faster and smarter on the go. Allowing full access powers AIR's magic. We use it to ...

  • Access your address book so you can share easier
  • Access local storage to save hashtags, groups or anything in your Content Manager
  • Access the camera roll to save images
  • Access the Internet to pull in contacts, posts, & hashtags

You CAN use the AIR Social Keyboard without enabling full access. It just won't do any of the above.

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