Tap and Tag your way to breaking 140 on Twitter

Learn how to break 140 on Twitter using AIR Social Keyboard's easy to use text editor. Take your message, turn it into an image and still optimize your post with hashtags!

Here's how:

Go to Twitter and compose a Tweet over 140 (the example is 360 characters).

Move your tweet into the text editor by tapping the AIR icon. Once in the editor you can tap and save your hashtags.

Simply tap the desired word and AIR inserts the hashtag. They will turn green and automatically save.

After tapping and tagging, tap again but this time on the AIR icon. This will save your tweet as an image AND insert the hashtags into your post.

Notice the saved hashtags below? There they are in all their glory - waiting to be shared.

Now go grab your image from your camera roll and that's it. Here's what your tweet will look like.

Optimized with your hashtags, and beating Twitter's 140!

Questions? Email me at Colin@bubbl.ca.